Vintage Sign Art Humorous signs for the lighter side of life Vintage Sign Art Signs Carved gold letters and filigree with hand painted beer mugs 47”(w)x34”(h)...Great for any “man cave” $435.00 SEASIDE ASYLUM  - kinda says it all....great sign for your vacation home or seashore getaway. A large sign 62”x28”, carved gold letters on a worn and weathered black background..looks like it was just pulled off the nearby “State Institution”....maybe it was... $335.00 Great sign for those who “get it”! Carved letters with hand painted black shadow, hand painted “black nail” 42”x38”......$275.00 HS225-SA vintage insane asylum sign Vintage signs as art Vintage and Antique signs VINTAGE SIGN ART   609-841-0172 The Pickled Parrot - Tiki Bar Sign Another of our very popular signs- worn and weathered, this sign was inspired by the many small, “out of the way” Tiki Bars strung along the Florida Keys......ahhh, the fun times! 38”(w)x32” (h).....$385.00 Tiki Bar signs