Colonial and Early American Style Signs by Vintage Sign Art A Beautiful Colonial American Tavern style sign featuring carved gold letters, Colonial style crested top with keystone and turned finial. Hand painted horse picture in a Folk Art style. Size: 36”x44” $335.00 A hand painted red fox sets off this unique Colonial style tavern sign. Carved gold lettering and filigree with beautiful Colonial American colors...size                             $390.00 37”(w) x36”(h) (approx) All Signs can personalized with your name or business Colonial style sign with great Early American colors and featuring the coiled snake of the Early American colonists flag. Carved lettering and detail along with the Colonial style crest makes for a very striking sign...size...30”x38”.$325.00 Inspired by the “Times”. The times of 230 years ago when the smoke filled taverns of New England were alive with the talk of Revolution, and the times of the growing Patriotic movement today. Spare lines and details along with the infamous “Diamond Back Rattler” makes these signs great for any American Patriot. The sign that started it all..Colonial design with great Early American colors....size 42”x30” features beautiful hand painted horse $355.00 CS275DH2-A “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work, and give to those who would not” Thomas Jefferson The Wiley Fox - Colonial Tavern Sign COLONIAL SIGNS     COLONIAL TAVERN SIGNS    COLONIAL SIGNS     COLONIAL TAVERN SIGNS    COLONIAL SIGNS     COLONIAL TAVERN SIGNS TREAT  GOVERNMENT LIKE FIRE - if you control live if IT controls die Those who are willing to forgo freedom for security...deserve neither Ben Franklin John Adams Vintage Sign in Colonial American style  Wiley Fox Old Time Tavern Signs Vintage Colonial Tavern signs with horses CS290P-A Colonial Tavern sign with painted fox Colonial Patriot sign dont tread on me Bad government results from too much government Thomas Jefferson “Pop-Pop” Jones and his favorite car..........1935 Terraplane . routed and carved Colonial Tavern Sign Bad Government results from too much Government Thomas Jefferson FREEDOM, ONCE LOST IS NEVER REGAINED
The Wiley Fox
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The Patriot
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Dark Horse Tavern Sign
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Erasing history will not change it, for good or bad, it will only force those who do not know it to repeat it Bill Stouch