A large sign...62”(w)x29”(h) the relief carved mermaid sets this sign apart from most. Carved letters with very nice molding detail...$525.00 NSAM350-M Vintage Sign Atlantic Mist with relief mermaid Our newest design!..great detail! Hand painted tall ship, great Victorian detail with brackets, carved letters and beautiful Victorian detail from the great age of sail when ship builders were true craftsman. A true work of art in every detail this large Nautical style sign would look great in any bar, restaurant or Nautical themed location. Available in interior and exterior versions...55”(w)x45”(h)...$575.00 Vintage sign, hand painted sailing ship tall ship Vintage Sign carved wood with Victorian detail,  hand painted tall ship STILL MORE NAUTICAL SIGNS Vintage style nautical tavern signs Projects we’ve done vintagesignart@netzero.net